An old bike, two student rooms, 500 guilders, and an idea. That’s where it started in 1960. Sixty years later, our 38,000 Randstad employees have an impact on the professional lives of millions of people around the world on a daily basis. They have a profession to be proud of…

sound and sustainable solution

Frits Goldschmeding and Ger Daleboudt, two students from Amsterdam, were convinced that flexibility had a greater role to play in the labour market in 1960. Plus, there was a win-win in it for everyone. Employers would be able to evolve quickly and easily along with the economy as a result of the new flexible working arrangements. Employees would be able to change jobs easily and thus build up expertise and grow as a person.

Formulated in this way, their temping concept sounds like a supplement to the long-term employment relationships, but the fact that their concept is more solid now than ever indicates that it was not just a supplement. They provided a very solid solution to the enormous need for flexibility in the difficult labour market at that time. Moreover, that answer was sustainable because it was based on the philosophy of simultaneously representing the interests of all parties involved. This created trust among all the stakeholders and thus ensured that their idea gained in strength and scope.


from Suzanne to ‘what are you doing tomorrow?’

When Randstad launched in Belgium in 1965 under the name Interlabor, we were a temporary employment agency. ‘Suzanne from Interlabor’ sent people out on temporary work assignments. That was about 2,500 people a week when I joined Interlabor as a consultant in 1988.

Now, in 2020, we and 2,000 colleagues in Belgium provide high added value in bringing together supply and demand for work on the Belgian labour market. Every week, we put 50,000 people to work in temporary and long-term jobs and as domestic help. We also offer outplacement, coaching, and career guidance. Via our training centres and our range of online training courses, we invest in the employability of our temporary workers in the labour market of the future.


social added value

We grew from a temporary employment agency to an HR service provider that brainstorms together with thousands of employers every day and improves their HR processes. Because of what we do, we provide important social added value, of which all our employees are very proud.

A bold idea grew into a company that has a positive impact on the professional lives of millions of people worldwide on a daily basis. An idea with an enormous societal innovative power. And with very sustainable DNA.


I’m incredibly proud to have been involved in this for 32 years…