25 years of labour market research.

Randstad has been conducting labour market research for 25 years, particularly under the Randstad Research label in recent years.
Innovation (tapping into new themes) and continuity (repeating research periodically) are the leading factors in this. Randstad was a pioneer at the time. Several surveys were developed during this period and are still conducted every year to this day, such as:

  • students
  • work
  • employer brands for the largest Belgian companies

Over time, a lot of companies have started doing research on labour market or HR-related topics. Randstad responds to this by remaining distinctive using the innovation and continuity already cited. On the one hand, we advance new themes (such as support for migration). And on the other, we send out new surveys for themes after a few years. Being able to compare these adds more perspective to the results. We like to share the insights we gain in this way with all our stakeholders. And we’ve been doing so for 25 years.

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