a question, problem or complaint?

Follow these steps:

  1. First read the frequently asked questions. You will find answers there to questions about your password, registration, applying for jobs, electronic signatures, your pay, unsubscribing and much more.
  2. Contact your Randstad consultant. She/he will be familiar with your details and can give you relevant answers and resolve your question or problem. 
  3. If you suspect a breach of the business principles, you can report the matter to your regular (local) contact person, or via the local management . This is usually the quickest, most advisable way to flag up a breach and get it sorted out.
  4. The Federgon (Belgian federation of employment agencies) ombud service. This service provides information about employment status, and mediates in the event of disputes.
    Havenlaan 86c - box 302, 1000 Brussels
    T: 0800 99 823 / ombuds@federgon.be
  5. If you want to delete your profile, please follow the procedures here below:
    - use the form in your online my Ranstad profile, thanks to your log in credentials and password, we do not need a proof of identity to process your request.
    - if you don't have an online profile, please use this form to deactivate your account. (attention, do not use the form here below to deactivate your profile)

Unable to resolve the situation?

  • Fill in the online complaint form. Your complaint will then be discussed with the people concerned and the Quality Department.

my complaint


reporting abuses.

The ‘Reporting Abuses’ procedure offers permanent employees, temporary/flexible workers, clients and others the possibility of reporting illegal practices or serious abuses at or by Randstad or by a Randstad employee. The term ‘serious abuses’ refers to behaviour such as discrimination or racism, sexual or other harassment, fraud, theft, corruption, bribery, cartels, use of Randstad property for personal purposes, abuse of alcohol or drugs, etc.

This procedure can be used if none of the above options produces satisfactory results or you are afraid of reprisals. It offers the possibility of reporting abuses anonymously. Our Integrity Officer treats all reports serious misconduct under this procedure confidentially. If necessary, corrective measures will then be taken. Although reports can be made anonymously, the investigation will run considerably more smoothly if the person reporting the abuse discloses his or her identity. Reports to the Integrity Officer can be made via an external body on the free number 0800 71365 or via the secure website. The access code is 42101.

misconduct reporting procedure