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With intensive, goal-oriented coaching. You will be assigned a permanent coach to guide you from start to finish in your search for a new job. This search involves five steps:

  1. Intake: you meet your coach and discuss where you want to be in terms of your career. Based on this, you and your coach draw up your personalised programme.
  2. If necessary, an orientation process: you get to know yourself and learn more about the job market. In this way, you know where you stand.
  3. Plan of action: your coach ensures that you are well-prepared to apply for jobs. Together, you’ll look into the best way to approach this.
  4. Action! Time to step out into the job market. To approach employers and convince them that you can offer them what they need. Your coach also actively assists you in searching for a job.
  5. Follow-up actions: once you’ve found a job, your coach continues to follow up for a while to make sure everything is going well.

More information about the program is available via or the toll-free number: 0800 93 005

Do you choose us after the interview? Great! Then the next step is to contact your VDAB mediator again. You let him/her know that you have spoken to Randstad RiseSmart and that you would like to continue with this guidance. They give you an appointment with a coach in the region.

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8 benefits that make the difference.

  1. You go through the entire programme under the guidance of one dedicated coach. Thanks to our extensive office network, you will be assigned a coach close to where you live.
  2. You get a clear understanding of your capabilities and the current job market. 
  3. Our coaches know a lot of companies and will help you look for a job that suits you. They are experts in actively looking for the right job, which is demonstrated by our results: we guide more than 10,000 jobseekers in their search for work each year. On average, 70% of them succeed in finding a permanent job.
  4. Your coach helps you apply for jobs in a result-oriented manner.
  5. We tailor our efforts to your needs: for over 20 years, we have been providing sustained and diversified guidance to young and old, people with low language proficiency, low- and high-skilled workers, those with medical challenges or persons rejoining the workforce after a long absence, etc.
  6. We offer personalised guidance: in-person or virtual, individual or as part of a group. Your coach listens, gives advice and shows consideration for your personal situation. 
  7. We make full use of the most recent HR technologies. This allows us to work more efficiently and provide you with highly focused and personalised guidance.
  8. We help and guide you with all your questions, whether in English, Dutch or French. We also help you improve your Dutch.

Remember, you are not alone in your search. We’re there to support you from start to finish.

You may also contact us at (please make sure to send us a phone number where we can reach you) or via the toll-free number: 0800 93 005

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