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In 2023, what are the most important criteria for choosing a company or organisation? Traditionally, there are few surprises. Two years ago, by corona, there were reasons to believe there might be some more movement. But that turned out not to be the case. Corona has had no significant impact on the criteria that determine our choice of employer.

Even the new feature 'working from home' turned out not to be all that decisive on balance, with tenth place far behind the strongholds 'pay and benefits', 'work atmosphere', 'job security' and 'work-life balance'. The only change then was one that was not expected. At fifth place, 'location of the company' never ranked higher. With the rise of working from home, it was just expected that this characteristic would lose some importance. Not so.

This year, the question was whether the historically high scarcity and the also historically low unemployment rate would have an effect on the motives to choose an employer.

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