To boost your attractiveness as an employer, you don't necessarily have to conduct large, expensive national campaigns. In practice, a majority of the candidates often consists of people who offer their services on the local job market. Since employees find the location of the enterprise increasingly important, companies in their immediate vicinity – where they don't have to commute by train, tram, and bus or battle through traffic jams by car – are more attractive to them.

People also attach a great deal of importance to reliability and job security when choosing an employer. That factor will become even more important. In his latest book entitled 'Werken aan Merken' (Working on Brands), Jan Denys points out that potential employees will gain even more trust in local employers in the future. Denys predicts that local employers will be more attractive in the future due to large corporate reorganisations that attract a lot of attention in the media and political forces that shed light on the dangers of globalisation.

Therefore, proximity and the perception of reliability clearly work to the advantage of smaller, more locally anchored companies and partially compensate for the powerful name recognition of large companies that have larger budgets available for employer branding. In other words, the size of your company is not a valid excuse for not investing in your attractiveness as an employer. Every company has its specific strengths. So use them!

how to get started - a few tips

    • Know what your potential employee expects and believes is important – the results of 17 years of Randstad Employer Brand Research can be a handy compass.
    • Find out how your company meets those expectations and be authentic – highlight those assets when recruiting and in communication.
    • Turn your own employees into ambassadors for your company. Those who work on being an attractive employer and on employer branding are better able to attract the right talent. They also ensure that their employees are proud to work for the company and want to remain on board (retention).
    • Consider ALL employees as potential ambassadors. Student workers and temporary employees, including freelancers and trainees, also convey your employer brand. They are also potential future employees.
    • Develop contacts with relevant educational institutions in the area.
    • Communicate – unknown is unpopular – and create a good communication policy; give your company a face. Let people know what your company stands for.
    • Use social media to develop a network of potential employees. Do that constantly, not only in the periods when you are looking for talent.

randstad employer brand research


Moreover, the results and analyses of 17 years of Randstad Employer Brand Research is an incredibly efficient compass. It guides companies wanting to work on their employer attractiveness quotient through the complex world of employer branding. We will be publishing the results of our most recent survey of over 10,000 Belgians on 24 April and will be presenting 2020's most attractive employer with the Randstad Award.


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