When we set out to demonstrate the importance of employer branding 22 years ago, we were met with scepticism from marketers and HR professionals alike. Today, the importance of employer branding is difficult to overestimate, the discipline has become a permanent part of any marketing course, and every HR professional has a detailed feel for the appeal of the employer for which they are recruiting. 


Employer branding and a strong employer brand don't just help companies attract talent. They also help retain it. Two decades down the line, this is no longer a point of discussion. But with this realisation came the hype. Because nowadays, hundreds of consultants claim to be employer branding experts. They all come up with quick wins and detect low-hanging fruit in order to boost the appeal of employer brands or brush up an employer's image. 

do not underestimate the candidate

Employer branding constitutes a long-term endeavour. After all, candidates are not naive. And should you succeed in getting them on board under false pretences, you'll lose them immediately. In order to build a good reputation as an employer, you need to actually be an appealing employer for the talent you need. And then maintain highly consistent communication with regards to what you represent as an employer. In short, building an employer brand takes a sustained and consistent approach. 



Are you on the right track with your employer brand? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you succeed at attracting the talent you need? Or do your vacancies tend to remain open? 
  • Are you able to retain talent?
  • Do you know what you represent as an employer? How you distinguish yourself from your competition?
  • Do you know what criteria you want to focus on in order to give your company a unique employer brand?
  • Do you know what your employees say about your company? 
  • What 5 characteristics do your employees ascribe to you?
  • Do you know exactly what your desired employees are looking for in an employer?  
  • And what criteria do you then need to focus on in this regard? 
  • Do you have an action plan for expanding your employer brand?


At Randstad, we have been studying over 14,000 Belgian employees annually since 2000 to find out what determines their choice of employer. Since then, our Belgian research has been implemented throughout 32 countries worldwide. We possess a gigantic range of valuable data and insights that we use to guide employers towards employer branding that makes a difference. 


Do you want to learn how we can contribute to your employer branding? How we can support you sustainably in expanding your employer brand? 


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