One cannot open a newspaper these days without reading about jobs set to disappear. And of course, digitisation will impact tomorrow's jobs. Jobs will disappear. And most jobs will change. But there are two ways of dealing with that. We can resort to fatalism. Adopt a type of paralyzing culture of fear. Allow ourselves to be mentally trapped, failing to see any alternatives and simply undergo these inevitable changes. Or we can actively shape the future. To ensure we will have value to add to the changing world of tomorrow.


Randstad decisively opts for the latter. Nobody knows exactly what the job market will look like in the future. All we know for sure is that it won't be the same as today. And we are convinced that simply letting the future happen is not an option. We keep our finger on the pulse and anticipate market changes. We help shape how supply and demand meet in the job market. Today as well as tomorrow. With tech for touch as a guiding principle: optimally facilitated by technology but always human-centric.

in control 

And we take our responsibility and help employees think about their professional future with the “What will you be doing tomorrow” campaign. About their current options and where today's decisions will lead them in the future? We provide a forum for experts in tomorrow's jobs. To inspire. To strengthen. And as an antidote to a culture of fear. Because we hope that the more people we manage to persuade of the fact that they can be in control too, the more people will make sure they are ready for the future.

an open mind

So that we are all better informed about the many opportunities crossing our paths. And create opportunities ourselves where possible. Because employers will also be providing education in the future hoping that we will stay. And if we want to leave, we can open new doors with self-selected courses. We can identify internal opportunities with our employers and take the plunge. Or we can reinvent ourselves and our job. We can become entrepreneurs. Or encourage intrapreneurs. We can coach and be coached. We can educate ourselves online. Or just be inspired offline by people who are a source of innovative ideas and perspective-widening insights. 

There is only one thing we shouldn't do, namely being stagnant. 

Er is maar één ding dat we beter niet doen. En dat is blijven stilstaan.