Often, SME managers passionately work day and night to make their business successful. And that leaves little time and energy for a detailed staffing policy. Randstad Professionals HR have traversed the Flemish provinces to show managers how to improve their staffing policy.

“focus on human capital”

“In close collaboration with UNIZO, we wanted to show managers that investment in HR works and pays off,” said Tineke Van den Bossche, Business Development Partner at Randstad Professionals. “During our workshop, we emphasise that integrity and authentic leadership, employee satisfaction and employer image are crucial to be seen as an attractive employer.”

Isn't that expensive? Van den Bossche answers with a counter question. “How expensive is it when you don't invest in HR? What are the costs of high absenteeism? And, high staff turnover?” Workshop participants discover the true value of HR when taking part in a business game. The effect of the three pillars of attracting and retaining talented employees is made clear.

“Business managers feel intuitively that their staffing policy can be improved, but don't know where to start,” continued Van den Bossche. “Our Randstad Professionals HR Compass maps out the entire staffing cycle and allows you to start with its foundation. As a recognised SME portfolio/advice service provider, one of our HR experts can provide practical advice on-site and take on the tasks of the staffing manager. With minimal investment, you can focus on human capital… that is our mission.”