The labour market has been in full swing recently. The number of unfilled vacancies is increasing. The number of labour market shortages is soaring high. Unemployment is dropping. All hopeful signals for people looking for work or who want to change jobs. But do these signals also have an impact on the employee's confidence?

Randstad asked over 600 people the following question: "How do you estimate your chances of finding or changing work?" The survey's results were disappointing. These days the number of optimists (44%) is barely higher than the number of pessimists (39%). 

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Apparently many employees have lost faith in their chances on the labour market. Employee confidence is after all a lot lower than in 2007, when the labour market was doing equally well. At the time 53% were optimistic. 

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“These numbers are unexpected. It looks as if people are being influenced by doom messages. The media often reports on the negative consequences of digitalisation and globalising on the jobs in our country. This doom-mongering is not only unfounded. It numbs people. And this is something we really don't need. The labour market is doing well. Studies indicate that we shouldn't fear the future. Employees should therefore have some more self-confidence.” - Jan Denys, Randstad's labour market expert

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