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What do you really think of the most important employers in your country? Every year in Belgium, 10,000 students, employees, unemployed, housewives and housemen, aged between 18 and 65 are asked that question by Randstad. A survey that gauges the attractiveness of the employer brands of the most important employers in Belgium and beyond. Results available as from 24/4/2020.

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working on your employer brand?

To appear on the right employee radars as a potential employer, you must first understand what is important to them. And then highlight these qualities. Our Randstad Employer Brand Research is an incredibly efficient compass in this regard. Discover h the results of our annual survey here.


are you on the right track?

  • Do you succeed at attracting the talent you need? Or do your vacancies tend to remain open? 

  • Are you able to retain talent?

  • Do you know what you represent as an employer?

  • How you distinguish yourself from your competition?

  • Do you know what your employees say about your company? 

  • What 5 characteristics do your employees ascribe to you?

  • Do you know exactly what criteria you need to focus on to boost your employer branding?

customized advice

employer branding in 2019.

Employer brands are the guides that help candidates orientate themselves on the job market. They contain information on your values, your culture, and your working environment. Your employer branding can be a way to positively distinguish between your company and all the other companies out there fishing for talent in the same pond.

why employer branding?

Companies with strong employer brands reach twice as many applicants than companies with poor branding. Employee turnover is also a lot lower in companies with a strong employer brand.

presentations 2019.

You can find the presentations given on the Randstad Employer Brand Research. The speaker were the following:

- Jan Denys,  Randstad Labour Market Expert

- Ivana Pais,  Professor of Sociology, University of Milan

- Rob Briner,  Professor of Organisational Psychology, University of London

towards the presentations

winner 2019.

From December to the end of January, HR service provider Randstad and market research consultancy TNS surveyed 14,000 students, employees and job-seekers about the attractiveness of the major Belgian employers. DEME emerged as the winner for the 3th time.



over the years.

Over the years, the study and the Randstad Employer Brand ceremony have become a reference for anyone who is interested in the employer branding of companies.

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