You've probably noticed already: as of 1 January, students may work 475 hours per year instead of 50 days. What does that mean for you? A lot of good stuff!

more work = more money

If you're quick at calculations, you've already figured out that 475 hours equates to 62.5 working days of 7.6 hours. This means you can work more as of 1 January 2017. And more work equates to more money. Cha-ching!

counting in hours

Plus, you can also work differently. As of 1 January 2017, your work is counted in hours, and we're getting rid of half or full days. This means that you can accept shorter jobs more often if you want. 

signed contract

Make sure that you always get a signed contract for your period of employment. As of 1 January, there will be strict monitoring to ensure that you are working under the correct contract. If it is not the correct contract, then you may risk having more social security being withheld. Haven't signed your contract yet? You can sign it on My Randstad or contact your Randstad office so that we can get everything in order asap!

Would you like to know how many hours you can still work? Keep track of them on Student@Work.

ondertekend contract

Zorg er zeker voor dat je steeds een ondertekend contract hebt tijdens je tewerkstelling. Vanaf 1 januari wordt er zeer streng toegekeken of je aan de slag bent met het juiste contract. Als dat contract niet het juiste is, heb je kans dat er méér RSZ-bijdragen ingehouden worden. Heb je jouw contract nog niet getekend? Teken het op My Randstad of neem contact op met jouw Randstad-kantoor zodat we alles meteen in orde kunnen maken!

Wil je weten hoeveel uren je nog mag werken? Hou ze in de gaten via Student@Work