At the end of April, Randstad surveyed 1000 Belgian students about work. The answers showed that 69% of the students have jobs during holiday periods. 58% work alongside their studies throughout the year. Most students work in both periods – throughout the year and during holidays. Although one out of four students turn to social media and job apps to find work, most students land a job through their family or a temp agency!

smart job search strategies

The most popular way to find a job is through personal networks (family and friends). Almost half of the young adults (49%) stated that this is the way they search for a job. Reaching out to parents, aunts and uncles is still highly effective. 47% of the students also make use of temp agencies where they have access to a much larger selection of jobs.

landing a job quickly

Personal networks are also the most effective channel for landing a job. This is not surprising – everyone knows that referrals and word of mouth maximise the chance of getting your CV to the top of the pile. Temp agencies are the second most effective job search channel. 17% of the students claimed they found a part-time job via a temp agency.

What is striking is that 25% of the students attempted to find work through social media and job apps. Apparently, this is not yet the most effective way to get hired. Only 3% of the students actually found a job using social media.

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