Looking for a job? Agency work or temping with Randstad is the ideal way to gain experience. Randstad is Belgium's largest employment agency, so there's always a branch in your area. Our consultants will suggest a suitable job at a company that fits perfectly with you.

Randstad is Belgium's largest employment agency, so there's always a branch in your area. That means we're always close to our workers and the companies we work with. Our strengths? Randstad has the widest range of jobs in your region, and you can count on a personal approach.

Randstad looks for a job and a company that are right for you

Randstad's consultants look for work for you. They know the local market and the interesting jobs in your region. And because our consultants also get to know you properly, they suggest assignments that match your abilities, desires, education and character.

Temping is the ideal way to gain experience at different companies and in different positions. Temping experience shows you know what's working: it looks good on your CV.

as a Randstad worker, you work when it suits you.

Temping is flexible. Anything is possible: short or long assignments, weekend or evening work, shift systems, full- or part-time. Prefer not to work at certain times of the year? That's OK too.

Lots of temping assignments last several months. Temping with Randstad isn't always short-term. Many temps are given a permanent contract after their assignment. Did you know that 40% of today's Randstad temps will have a permanent job next year?

Searching for a permanent contract? You can also find a permanent job through Randstad immediately. Let your consultant know that you're looking for a permanent job. You will then be told about vacancies for permanent contracts.

you have the same rights as a permanent employee

As a Randstad temp, you will be paid the same as a permanent employee of the same age in the same position.

As a Randstad temp, you’ll also receive child allowance (if you have dependent children) and sick pay if you are ill or have an accident, and accumulate pension entitlements. You also have the right to leave of absence, holiday pay and an end-of-year bonus. If your temping contract expires and you don't get another job immediately, you are entitled to unemployment benefits.

do you have more admin as a temp?

Absolutely not. Randstad makes sure you're sorted out properly. Our consultants look for a suitable job for you and take care of your paperwork (including digitally). So no need to worry!

register today as a temp with Randstad.

Our services cost you nothing as a temp: they are completely free. The agency's services are paid for by the company where you work as a temp.

Once you're registered at Randstad, we regard it as vital to build up a good relationship with our temps. Our consultants will take the time to get to know you. They will use job interviews and tests to identify your preferences, expertise, education and strengths.

how is the contact with a potential employer arranged?

Randstad's consultants have close links with companies. This means they suggest assignments that match your wishes and abilities. In many cases, you even have a choice between several assignments. Randstad will ask your permission first before we pass your CV on to a prospective employer. And when you're on an assignment, you can always ask your Randstad consultant for information and assistance.

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