'What do you want to be when you grow up?' As children, you and your friends no doubt responded enthusiastically with doctor, pilot or baker. However, this question has become far more complex for the new generation. After all, today's jobs may no longer exist in the future.

here are the 5 most notable jobs in the future.

So what jobs will there be in the future? The OECD, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, estimates that 65% of the children currently at nursery school will end up doing a job that does not yet exist. Of course, experts still love to try and predict what's ahead. The most notable jobs? Read on!

1. (vertical) urban gardener

Urban farming, urban agriculture, city farming, … Whatever you like to call it: there is a real rise in farming and horticulture in the city. Hardly surprising, when you consider that half of the world's population (55%) already lives in a city. By 2050, this is even expected to be two thirds.

With people becoming more mindful and choosing green cities rather than stone deserts, agricultural knowledge will become a valuable skill.

The (vertical) urban gardener knows how to optimise use of the urban space available. How about a roof farm or vertical wood on the outside wall of an apartment block?

Sound appealing? Those studying agricultural and horticultural science, geography or bio-engineering, will be one step ahead.

2. 3-D printing expert

Pioneering achievements are already being made with 3-D printing: for example, a whole range of protheses are rolling off printers all around the world. 3-D printing is also proving useful in all kinds of daily applications, such as clothes, furniture and gadgets.

This naturally means there is growing demand for experts who know how to use such printing devices. Whether it's as an odd-job man who can quickly print a spare part, or someone in the medical world. For example, to reproduce some part of the body. Too crazy for words? Not at all: scientists have already been successful in growing ears in 3-D printed moulds.

Interested? You'll be well on your way with a technical or engineering background.

3. neuro-implants specialist

There are currently lots of experiments in medical science concerning neurotechnology and its uses. This market has tremendous growth potential. After all, imagine being able to greatly extend your memory with a micro-chip implant. Or being able to store your memories externally.

Take the episode of the Black Mirror, for example, in which people were simply able to rewind and pause their memories thanks to an implanted chip. The options also include a micro-implant to check sugar levels in diabetics and issue a dose of insulin whenever necessary.

Fact: the demand for brain surgeons, neuro technicians and memory specialists can only increase.

4. drone traffic controller

A law has been in force since 2016, governing which drones may be flown, and by whom. Meanwhile, hundreds of devices have been registered and many licences issued. The Belgian government aims to play a pioneering role, as it expects a dramatic increase in the number of drones flying around for many different reasons.

The potential for drones seems almost endless: delivering parcels, inspecting buildings and crops, etc. Yes, even transporting medical parcels (e.g. with human tissue or blood) between hospitals.

Exciting, but… of course, this also means that someone needs to manage all that extra air traffic: the drone traffic manager.

5.  vr designer

VR or virtual reality has already become a permanent feature in our daily lives. There are certainly many experiments with VR when it comes to entertainment. Pokémon Go, anybody? However, VR still offers plenty of untapped potential in other industries.

For example, a virtual office, where you simply check in from home. Or a mirror that shows you an outfit without having to get undressed or face the queues at the changing rooms … wouldn't that be great?

There is simply no doubt that the demand for VR specialists, able to design such applications and experiences, will grow. As a computer or IT specialist, the future looks bright!

Are you already keen to gain the necessary experience for tomorrow's jobs?