Safety at work is a must. That’s why Randstad Safety gives companies advice in this area. We remind them of the legal requirements and make sure our temps are working in a safe environment. We also help you to obtain the necessary safety certificates such as VCA, VCU and HACCP.

For Randstad, safety at work is a must: working safely is good for both your productivity and your well-being. That’s why Randstad Safety gives companies advice in this area: we ensure they meet the legal requirements and help them to obtain the required safety certificates.

The VCA certificate (Safety Checklist for Contractors)
The company meets the requirements for risk management in the performance of work.

The VCU certificate (Safety Checklist for Employment Agencies)
This guarantees that you are properly informed as a temporary worker, that there is an expert response to accidents at work and that there is a preventive safety policy. Many Randstad branches (all Randstad Construct branches!) are VCU-certified.

The HACCP certificate (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
A strict European hygiene guideline for the food industry. Not ‘Hazardous’. Also in Dutch text!