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learn more without studying.

The world is changing. And student jobs are evolving too. Did you know that Randstad can help you learn and grow? Because our training courses will take you further tomorrow. Make an appointment with one of our consultants today and drop by our office.


an important role.

Randstad believes in students’ personal development and your student job plays an important role in this regard. While attending school, you’ll also want a part-time job that grows as you do.

flexible student job.

In the early stages of your studies, you primarily want a flexible student job to earn some fast cash or a steady part-time job to pay your expenses.


that perfect entry-level position.

As your studies progress, you’ll quickly search out a student job that will look good on your CV to eventually land that perfect entry-level position.


student legislation

Of course, you want to know what your rights are as a job student. Or how much you may earn. This and more will discover you here.


students at randstad.

what kind of a student job are you looking for?