there's more to a candidate than simply a CV.

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Job interviews with the perfect candidate are rare, and always have been. So don't lose sight of candidates who require some “work”. Like those that haven't worked for a few years. They will certainly have their reasons; it is up to the employer to decide how relevant these are.

What's more important is to look at what the candidate wants and is able to do now. Using VDAB, Forem and Actiris you can find job mediators who will 'match' these profiles with your company and vacancies. An apprenticeship is an interesting way to give such candidates a chance. As an employer it hardly costs you anything and one successful apprenticeship is often the start of many others. It's true that those that have not worked for a long time will need to get used to the workplace. Indeed, they may need to be given not one but two or three chances. In that case it helps to react quickly. Share your views and talk about them with the mediator and the job seeker. This ensures a good follow-up. Finally: be careful of your prejudices. It may be a cliché but it's true. Every candidate is different. Don't judge one based on a bad experience with another.

Tot slot: let op met vooroordelen. Een cliché, maar met betekenis. Elke kandidaat is anders. Veroordeel de ene niet op basis van slechte ervaringen met een andere.