Workaniser, Checkster and Pymetrics: three innovative examples of how Randstad surfs along on the digital wave that also turns the labour market upside down.

Workaniser: the digital highway between HR consultant and employer

Workaniser is an online tool that now already relieves the personnel administration of Randstad customers. Soon you will be able to use it also for exchanging vacancies fast and directly.

'Thanks to Workaniser, our customers can follow up the performances of the flex workers, download reports and documents and edit a work planning. This results in a significant gain of time,' knows Jan de Lange, Project Supervisor at Randstad.


Moreover, the system is especially transparent: The HR consultant and the customer have direct access to the system and all updates are processed in real time. This reduces the possibility for mistakes. And should the customer wish to keep others in the organisation updated? Then he gives them access to the information that is relevant for them. He can by the way check up on the state of affairs where and when he wants, via his mobile phone or tablet.

efficient exchange

New is the module with which Randstad can exchange vacancies with its customers. 'Two options are available,' explains Jan de Lange. 'Or the customer asks for some function profiles, or he edits a profile himself using a limited number of clickable fields. Subsequently, our consultants seek in the system for resumes that best match the sought for profile. From these, the customer makes a first selection of candidates that he wishes to invite for an interview.'

The speed and the easiness with which our customers can edit and follow up vacancies clearly cater for the taste. Meanwhile Jan de Lange already considers other additions. A reporting tool for instance that maps out the number of vacancies, contacts, invitations and recruitments. 'The customer can adjust his recruitment policy using this tool. Workaniser is a textbook example of continuous improvement,' he concludes.

checkster provides a better image of a candidate

Checkster is an online tool that checks the references of a candidate in a well-structured and automated manner.

How does Checkster work? A candidate gathers two to five references. The HR consultant sends him a standard questionnaire. He checks the answers, asks for more details if necessary, and Checkster edits it in a report.

fast and reliable feedback

'This digital road has a big impact timewise, because an evaluation interview with a referent quickly lasts three quarters of an hour,' knows Anne Bruinewoud, Digital Adoption Advisor of the Randstad Innovation Fund.

The quality of the feedback improves as well. 'The referent will answer more thoughtfully if he can take his time for it,' confirms Maïté Gardedieu, consultant at Randstad Professionals. 'And thanks to the efficient procedure we can approach five people, from different angles: an executive, a colleague and a teacher for instance. This enriches the profile of the candidate.'

The Checkster tool moreover lowers the threshold for references. 'The questionnaires are anonymous, since the employer only sees the total score and the assessment.'

Candidate Ine for one is enthusiastic. 'I could follow up for myself on who had already answered, which was handy in my opinion. Also, the summary of the references later on was instructive, a confirmation of how I saw myself as an employee.'

70 percent response

Yvoon Dekens and Luc De Bolle, National Business Managers of respectively Randstad Professionals HR and ICT, implemented the pilot project in Belgium. 'Some legislative alignment was necessary because of the stringent Belgian privacy laws,' explains Yvoon Dekens. Also, the questionnaire was given a softer pitch.

Luc De Bolle is satisfied with the first results: '70 percent of the referents answers within three days. On average, we receive 2.3 references per candidate. And the answers are more objective and more reliable.'

'Checkster perfectly reflects Randstad's Tech & Touch approach,' concludes Yvoon Dekens. 'On receiving a surprising answer, the HR consultant always asks the referent for clarification. In this way, we keep in personal contact. And that remains indispensable in the search for talent.'