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Over the years, the study and the ceremony have become a reference for anyone who is interested in the employer branding of companies. The Randstad Employer Brand Research is applicable to all private sector employers with more than 1000 staff, as well as approximately thirty public services. Discover the laureates here.


private sector laureates

2019: DEME
2018: Janssen Pharmaceutica
2017: DEME

2016: GSK
2015: European Commission
2014: GSK
2013: Techspace Aero
2012: DEME
2011: Techspace Aero
2010: Jan De Nul
2009: Jan De Nul
2008: GlaxoSmithKline en Techspace Aero
2007: Janssen Pharmaceutica
2006: Janssen Pharmaceutica
2005: Bayer
2004: GlaxoSmithKline
2003: Pfizer
2002: Janssen Pharmaceutica
2001: IBM


laureates public sector

2019: Vlaamse overheid
2018: Ville Namur & Stad Gent

2014: Université de Namur
2013: Vlaamse Overheid
2012: Federal Government Services


global Randstad Award

2015: Microsoft
2014: BMW group

around the world.

Did you know that? The Randstad Employer Brand Research currently surveys 225,000 respondents from 26 countries.

More information about the different winners can be found at