those precious moments.

Cleaning, ironing, cooking, doing the shopping,... you can get it all sorted out with service cheques. Thanks to service cheques, it’s easy and inexpensive to get help in your home.

request a household help

just the way you like it.

A clean and tidy house, a freshly cooked meal, the washing and ironing ... With your busy schedule, you might prefer to leave the housework to an experienced and reliable domestic help. And why not? With Randstad Service Cheques, it can be arranged quickly, professionally and easily. You order the cheques, and Randstad Service Cheques regularises the status of your current domestic help or looks for someone to keep your household in order, just the way you like it.

a few of the benefits.

  • Your service cheques are partially tax-deductible on your personal tax return 
  • Everything is taken care of properly for your domestic help, including the accrual of pension entitlements 
  • Joining the service cheques system is free of charge 
  • It’s easy to request your (electronic) service cheques via Sodexo (for Flanders - for Brussels)

what we do?

  • Randstad Service Cheques selects the right domestic help for you. In consultation with the consultant, you choose the day(s) on which your help will work in your home. 
  • Randstad Service Cheques sorts out the planning and administration and finds a replacement in good time if your regular help is going on holiday. All you have to do is order the service cheques. And enjoy your immaculate home, of course. 
  • In our FAQ's you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about service cheques and Randstad.



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