about the randstadbe app.

This app is the communication tool for Randstad temporary workers and their consultant.

how does it work?

  • Are you working for Randstad? Then use our app for all your communication and documents.
  • Your login details are identical to My Randstad. 
  • To guarantee full accessibility, you need mobile data.
  • Turn on your notifications so you don't miss any messages.

what are the possibilities of the randstadbe app?

what can it do?

  • You fill in your availabilities and the consultant sees when you can work or not. 
  • You also see when you are scheduled to work. 
  • Your consultant can schedule you for an assignment. You accept or reject it via the app. 
  • Your assignment ends and your consultant sends you a new vacancy. 
  • Interested? Click 'decline', 'confirm' or call immediately for more information. 
  • You can sign and consult your contract
  • You can consult your pay slips 

fo you have any questions?

Contact your Randstad consultant.

contact your consultant