general conditions

of goodhabtiz.



Randstad has an agreement with GoodHabitz so that you can participate in GoodHabitz online training as soon as you create your candidate profile in my Randstad. You then register using your my Randstad profile.

If you register for this online training, Randstad forwards your name and email address to GoodHabitz. You will then receive an email from GoodHabitz to activate your account. You can retain your GoodHabitz account regardless of your registration with Randstad.

GoodHabitz uses your details to offer online training sessions. Randstad has access to your details in GoodHabitz (certificates attained per module) so it can supplement your profile for analyses. This improves your employability. For example, we measure how many people take certain tests so that we can include this in our decision making. Randstad’s Privacy Statement applies here.

The GoodHabitz general terms and conditions apply to your GoodHabitz account.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, you can then register in my Randstad.