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your national number can be found on the back of your ID card, consisting of 11 digits.

I want to exert following rights (check the box)

The consequences vary according to my situation:the details of my active mediation file at Randstad will be deleted, including my online profile on my Randstad.in the past I worked as a temporary worker or domestic help for Randstad:the details of my active mediation file at Randstad will be deleted. The details of my employment file can not be deleted for legal reasons and will be kept by Randstad for 10 years after the end of my employment. My online profile on my Randstad is not eliminated but limited to the data in "my documents" so that I can continue to have access to all my employment documents.I am currently working as temporary worker or domestic worker for Randstad:this has the same consequences as when I worked for Randstad in the past (see above). When I choose this option, however, this also means that I can no longer continue to work via Randstad. If I still want to continue working, I should wait until after my employment to exercise this right. In the meantime, I can already withdraw my permission to receive emails and text messages concerning job offers in my online profile on my Randstad. I can also ask my consultant to note in my file that I no longer wish to use mediation services in the future.
I can object to use my personal details for direct marketing purposes in my online profile (my Randstad) where I can control myself the consent of receiving marketing actions by mail of sms, without intervention of Randstad.