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I want to exert my rights.

My personal details are processed in accordance with the stipulations of this privacy statement. Via my online profile I can control most of my registered details, among which my permission of receiving marketing actions via mail or sms. I can adapt or complete these details myself any time. I can exert my other rights( see privacy statement) via this form.

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I can object to use my personal details for direct marketing purposes in my online profile (my Randstad) where I can control myself the consent of receiving marketing actions by mail of sms, without intervention of Randstad.


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From the moment you submit this form, it will be send to our privacy department that will treat your request. They will inform you by email (to the mail address you mentioned in this form) about what they are doing with your request a month after receipt of your completely filled in and properly sent form at the latest. Attention: in some cases (f.i. legal obligations or rights of other persons) it will not be possible to exert (all) your rights. In this case we will inform you about the reasons why it is impossible.