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basic principles.

You outsource work that is not part of your core business. Randstad’s solutions cover temporary and permanent employment and HR services.

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what do we offer in concrete terms?

  • 139 branches across Belgium and a dozen specialised units gain an extremely accurate feel for your business needs. We offer professional advice and ensure a good influx of workers with proven skills. In this way, we bring the best talent to the right organisation.
  • Good personal relationships are a key element of our vision. We work to build a connection of trust as the basis for fruitful and lasting cooperation.
  • From our privileged position on the employment market and as the fifth largest employer in Belgium, we can anticipate the needs of the market and are constantly developing new specialised services.

how much does it cost?

For our consulting and HR services, you pay an individually agreed fee. For temporary workers, part of the hourly rate you pay is a fee for selection and organisation. The temporary workers earn the same as your permanent employees. As a company, you avoid the costs of recruitment and administration and you get suitable workers that you would be unable to find at short notice yourself.

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more economical.

For short periods, it is always more economical for you to use a temporary worker. Even for prolonged periods it may be better. We will be happy to give you more information about the costs and help you weigh up the options.

Our consultants can give you full details.

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