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At Randstad we look beyond CVs and vacancies. We listen to your expectations and to what our candidates want. That is why we like to work on an individual basis. Our approach? Together we take a moment to determine how your employees can grow and how your business can move forward. Through innovation, technology and our passion for people!

your employees are more than their job.

We don’t merely consider their current position in your organisation but we also take account of who they are. What are their ambitions? What are their talents and which skills would they like to develop? We start by establishing a personal connection and then we determine which job suits them. Or we look for that one training course that prepares them for a new challenge.

technologie with a human touch.

Technology is all around us nowadays. It has a major impact on our work and our lives. And especially: it evolves at an ever faster pace. Nevertheless we primarily use technology as an aid to maximise the potential of your staff. Our personal approach is what truly makes a difference: empathy, intuition, instinct. We call this concept ‘Human Forward’. Because the real objective is you and the direction you wish to take your business.

together we move forward.

Our mission? Simple: helping your organisation move forward. That is why our consultant is happy to set up a dialogue so we can determine how our personal approach and guidance can help you tackle bottlenecks to the (future) needs of your business. The online trainings by GoodHabitz are a textbook example of our ‘Tech & Touch’ approach. They help our candidates move forward digitally so you can (continue to) deploy them tomorrow. Because we are convinced: there’s more in our candidates than they think!

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your advantages.

  • Your consultant focuses on the challenges of your organisation and gives you personalised advice.
  • Thanks to our innovative solutions you can respond flexibly to changes.
  • With the right trainings we can ensure that your employees will still have the right skill set tomorrow.