back to work

in the new normal.

The 3 larges HR companies share knowledge about working with covid-19 measures. We want to take our collective responsibility and make an important contribution to quickly getting people back to work safely, and helping to ensure that companies and economies get back on track as soon as possible. 

110 measures.

We have gathered more than 100 relevant health and safety measures from ten countries and five sectors and industries in a global network. These measures can help to complement country and sector specific protocols.

The result is laid down in a brochure with an overview of a large number of measures.

Herman Nijns, Randstad Group Belgium CEO.

‘The temporary employment sector is the world’s largest private sector employer and HR expert. This means we have lots of experience of Covid-19 measures introduced by governments and companies. We can therefore contribute to restarting the economy by sharing this knowledge and examples of good practices. Careful preparation will help get the economy started again faster and allow people to go back to work safely with minimal risk to public health, which could mean the difference between a short recession and a long one.’

working safely in the new normal.

A good return to work will be crucial for the economic recovery after the pandemic.

It is crucial that countries and industries share best practices and that new channels are created to develop effective protocols at the necessary speed.


safely back to work.

What do you all have to think about? What do you need to think about? What are good, practical solutions to get back to work as safely as possible? Discover the practical tips from Kris De Meester (VBO-FEB).


Returning to the workplace and reshaping a new future of work is key to ensuring the health and wellbeing of workers and a strong economic recovery. The 'Safely Back to Work' Alliance that was initiated in March 2020 has successfully expanded its reach and network of participating partners and is now being led by our global industry association, the World Employment Confederation (WEC). As leader of this Alliance, WEC will continue to engage country federations, and private sector members, working closely with their local authorities and other relevant stakeholders, to support a safe return to work for workers and organizations globally, reinforcing the critical role of the private employment services sector in driving healthy resilient labor markets and economic recovery for countries, organizations and individuals alike in a post-Covid 19 environment. For more information or to join the growing Alliance, visit for more information.