• Imagine: one of your directors or experienced managers is temporarily unavailable. This is a problem, because that carefully planned strategic project cannot wait.
  • You might notice that your company is lacking the expertise to implement a necessary process improvement. 
  • Maybe diaries are too busy, which is thwarting your plans to get a department back on the right track. 
  • Or you need a manager who can safeguard the operational continuity of a crucial department in your organisation. 

our domains.

You can count on our expertise in all possible sectors and specialist areas: finance, HR, procurement, sales & marketing, production, logistics, IT and general management. Our managers make full use of their skills in the following four areas:

1. transition management

Count on our temporary managers to safeguard your business continuity while a new permanent manager is recruited. They can deputise for senior executives, board members or even the CEO if necessary.

2. project management

Whatever challenging project crosses your path, our managers will ensure it succeeds. Consider:

  • Reorganising one of your departments or business units
  • Supervising the integration following a recent takeover
  • Introducing change or transition strategies and leading change management projects
  • Guiding regional, national and international expansions along the right track

Our managers will also do everything in their power to help launch your start-up business.

3. expertise assignments

Temporary need for specialist knowledge and experience? Call in our interim managers! They can quickly implement new systems and procesess within your company. And they’re happy to take the lead in mergers and takeovers, too.

4. crisis and change management

Let our managers prepare your people and departments for the future! They’ll be happy to assist with your restructuring, closure,  downsizing or new direction.

what steps do we take together?

  1. We define the project based on your needs and expectations.
  2. We select the right interim manager, paying the necessary attention to previous relevant experience and the cultural fit with your company.
  3. The manager starts the assignment. We constantly monitor objectives and are proactive in resolving any bottlenecks.
  4. We evaluate the project. 
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