have a positive impact.

Who diversifies wins. Let Randstad RiseSmart Employability help you implement a diversity policy that will make your business a richer place – in all senses.

because differences are inspiring.

A human resources policy that is positive about differences is not just socially responsible: it’s good for profitability too. Because differences are inspiring. And because those who can get on with people who are “different” are also better at working together generally.


who diversifies wins.

This includes people from ethnic minorities, disabled people, as well as people with different genders, outlooks, educational backgrounds and levels of seniority.


a new dynamic.

RiseSmart Employability can help you launch a new dynamic in your organisation, through collective and individual guidance. We examine how diverse your organisation is and how you can help diversity to work better. Through orientation, career guidance, workshops, job hunting and coaching we then address various aspects in concrete terms.

for example:

  • attitude training and awareness raising 
  • induction, buddying new joiners 
  • ensuring improved intergenerational cooperation 
  • overcoming stereotypes and misunderstanding 
  • encouraging intercultural communication

integrated support.

Randstad RiseSmart offers companies and their employees integrated support in terms of outplacement and career management.