we care

about your care.

Quality and reliability are critical in healthcare. Randstad Medical provides personnel with the right qualifications, with all the legal requirements in order.

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engaged and conscientious.

With a background in the care sector, our consultants are engaged and conscientious. People’s well-being is vital, so Randstad Medical also takes great care over the legal requirements: diplomas and certificates are present and correct in every case.

variety of contract types.

Hospitals, crèches, nursing homes, medical practices... the need for care workers is huge and varied. Randstad Medical can support you with a wide selection of candidates and a variety of contract types.

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You can rely on us for nurses, childcare workers, physiotherapists, medical secretaries, dental assistants and so on.


solutions abound.

We recruit and select to cover short-term staffing gaps, but also for the longer term and for permanent positions.

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We also have solutions for individuals
with a Personal Assistance Budget.

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