Randstad Professionals

offers project sourcing services to different sectors and Randstad Search & Selection offers recruitment & selection services, whereby we will use your personal data to find a suitable job for you. We want to get to know you better so that we can align our services to your personal preferences. 

Randstad Search & Selection and Randstad Professionals attach great importance to protecting the privacy of all the people about whom we collect data. We handle and protect these data with the utmost care in accordance with the applicable legislation in Belgium.
We make every effort to protect the personal data provided to us from loss, destruction, disclosure, unauthorised access or improper use.

In this privacy statement, we explain who we are, when and why we need your personal data, what data we collect, how and for how long we process it, to whom we may disclose it, what your rights are and how you may exercise them.

This privacy statement is intended for you when you apply (online or via other channels) for a permanent job at one of our customers or for a job at Randstad Professionals as an employee or freelancer.


Who are we? 

Randstad Search & Selection, division of Randstad HR Solutions nv, and Randstad Professionals nv, jointly referred to as Randstad or we, are established at Access Building, Keizer Karellaan, 586 bus 8 at 1082 Brussels, and are jointly responsible for the processing of your personal data (Controller of processing within the meaning of the GDPR).

Randstad Search & Selection (RSS) and Randstad Professionals (RSP) are part of the Randstad group which consists of:  Randstad Belgium nv, Randstad Construct nv, RiseSmart, division of Randstad HR Solutions nv, Randstad Group Belgium nv, Randstad Outsourcing nv and Randstad Sourceright nv, jointly referred to as Randstad group. 

When do we collect your personal data?

We collect data as soon as you provide us with your data to use our HR services. This can be done via our website, by email, text message, orally (by phone, in our office, at an event, etc.), by handing over your business card or in any other possible way.

We may also collect your data if you made them public on public/social media (e.g. LinkedIn) or other channels that could indicate that you are interested in a (new) job.  In that case, we will first ask you if you are interested in our services and to be included in our database of candidates in accordance with this privacy statement. If you are not interested, we may process some limited data about you to respect your wish not to be contacted by us. 

We may also obtain your data from a third party (e.g. educational institutions or other partners in relation to our work related services) one of our other Randstad sister companies to contact you in connection with your job search and to present our services.

Why do we need your personal data?

We collect your personal data for the purposes set out below and shall not use these data for any other purpose without informing you in advance and, if necessary, obtaining your consent.

We use your data for the performance of our HR services recruitment & selection and project sourcing to, where applicable,  

  1. correctly identify you
  2. create a candidate file in our database which we search to select suitable candidates for the positions we are recruiting for or the missions we carry out at our customers (as freelancers or permanent employees of RSP).
  3. to be able to determine your profile and assess your suitability as a candidate for the positions or commissions we are recruiting for.  For this purpose, we may use, inter alia, the results of tests that we take from you (online personality questionnaires, language tests, assessments, etc.) and (online) reference checks that we only carry out with your explicit consent with the persons/companies you specified. We may also ask you to provide more information about yourself on a voluntary basis to increase your chances of employment. 
  4. draw up an application report based on the information we collected about you to support your application with our customers
  5. present your profile, including your CV, to our customers or clients.  This will always be done in consultation with you.
  6. to be able to send you interesting vacancies and job offers by telephone, email or other media.
  7. to promote your personal development and employability by offering you (short) training courses, coaching, workshops, events, etc., either with us or with a third party.

    The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the performance of the agreement you reach with us in connection with the services you enter into with us. For the processing of your personal data in the context of taking references, the legal basis is your consent.

  8. to contact you about commercial offers, newsletters and promotions/marketing campaigns (e.g. invitations to take part in competitions, information about events we organise, etc.) of the Randstad Group that may be of interest to you, if you have given your consent for this.

    The legal basis for the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes is your consent which you give and can withdraw at any time.

  9. to provide you with information about our services and other activities (e.g. events that might interest you) and to tailor these to your needs and abilities better. 
  10. to meet certain quality objectives, such as obtaining and maintaining certain certificates or quality labels.
  11. to monitor and measure the quality of our services. To this end, we, or a third party appointed by us, may ask you to participate in surveys and use and process the information obtained to improve the quality of our services.
  12. to meet management objectives, including providing management information, conducting internal audits to prevent fraud and conducting (internal/external) audits and account audits.
  13. to be able to provide statistical information for studies of interest to us or our sector federation Federgon (professional federation of HR service providers). In this case, we use aggregated personal data, whereby you are not individually identifiable in the results that we make public or which are shared with third parties.
  14. to ensure corporate security. This may include checking your identity when you enter one of our offices. We may also monitor the activity on our systems to prevent misuse of information on our databases and to protect our interests and those of any person on our databases.
  15. to allow you to exercise your rights (see section G below) and to be able to prove afterwards that we complied with those rights.

    The legal basis of these processing operations is our legitimate interests such as ensuring the security and continuity of our IT systems and companies, guaranteeing, improving and promoting the quality of our services (measuring the quality of our services, sharing information about our services, etc.), handling complaints, defence before the courts, etc.

  16. to comply with our legal obligations: in the context of a selection procedure, we are subjected to certain legal obligations.  We must have at our disposal, in due time and for the full duration of those obligations, all the information necessary to fulfil them or to be able to prove, in the event of an audit at a later time, that we have fulfilled our obligations.


Which of your personal data do we process?

We collect and process the personal data necessary for a professional performance of our services in your application file. Not all data are obligatory, but they may be desirable for a better alignment of our services to your wishes and qualities or to meet more specific questions or obligations from our customers or clients. You are personally responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the data you provide us. We recommend that you inform your consultant of any changes in your personal data as soon as possible.

Your application file includes the following personal data:

  1. name, address, email address, phone number and other contact data;
  2. place and date of birth, sex;
  3. curriculum vitae (cv), your motivation, your wishes and preferences (work expectations, expectations in terms of remuneration, etc.), information about training/diplomas and work experience, data made public (including social media), information you gave to our consultant or our client or customer during (application) interviews with them;
  4. photographs and video introduction (only on a voluntary basis);
  5. data, including results, about training courses and programmes and/or tests/assessments you followed or took yourself or through us;
  6. other data that may be of interest in the context of the evaluation of your suitability as a candidate, such as certificates and (online) references (only with your consent);
  7. evaluations of your knowledge, skills, attitude, etc.;


With whom do we share your personal data?

Only if necessary for the performance of our services and meeting the objectives specified under B, the observance of a legal obligation (of RSS and RSP or a third party) or the protection of a legitimate interest (of RSS and RSP or a third party) we may transfer the necessary personal data: 

to other companies of the Randstad group in Belgium for the following purposes (among others):

  • offer supporting activities in the context of your search for work/professional development (workshops, job offer, etc.);
  • internal services (IT services, invoicing, etc.);
  • promotions and marketing actions (in so far you gave your consent for this);
  • Management information
  • Internal audit

to the Randstad holding company, for the following purposes (among others):

  • management information;
  • internal audits;
  • internal services;

to customers and clients of Randstad, or their customers, appointed persons or assignees, for the following purposes (among others):

  • selection of suitable candidates for filling an open vacancy as a permanent employee; 
  • presentation of your profile and cv;
  • invoicing of services;
  • audits of customers;

to Randstad suppliers, for the following purposes (among others):

  • the provision of services or the performance of tasks and commissions on behalf and for the account of Randstad (e.g. IT providers, cloud providers, market research companies, access security, etc.), such as Checkster (online reference tool);

to our auditors, audit and certification offices, for the following purposes (among others):

  • audit of our annual accounts;
  • acquiring and maintaining certain certificates;
  • audit of subsidy files;

to (the audit office or market research company of) Federgon (professional federation of HR service providers), for the following purposes (among others):

  • acquiring and maintaining the Federgon quality label; 
  • scientific research;
  • satisfaction surveys;
  • statistical purposes;

to various public bodies, for the following purposes (among others):

  • federal and regional inspection services and accreditation bodies; 
  • tax authorities;

to any other third party when we are obliged to do so by law, court order or ruling. 

We will not sell, rent or make your personal data commercially available to third parties, except with your prior consent.

We may buy or sell activities or assets in the development of our activities.  In the event of a sale, merger, reorganisation, transfer of activities, dissolution or similar event, your personal data and other information may form part of the transferred assets. 

When our suppliers process your personal data on our behalf, they act as processors as specified in the GDPR. We conclude a processing agreement with these processors and make every effort to ensure that they adequately protect your personal data. 

In some cases your personal data may be transferred outside Belgium and outside the European Union. We will take the necessary contractual and technical security measures to ensure that all transferred personal data are adequately protected against loss or unlawful processing. For further questions in this regard, please contact the Data Protection Officer (see below).

When do we retain your personal data?

We guarantee that we will not retain your data longer than required by law or the internal regulations applicable within our companies.

We apply the following retention periods: 

Your application file will remain actively available in our database as long as you are actively looking for work through us. We regularly check whether you are still interested in our services.  If you are no longer interested, we will delete your active application file (i.e. visible to our consultants) but still keep it passively (centrally) for the duration of certain statutory limitation periods. You always have the right to ask for the data to be deleted (see also exercising rights). 

Every year we will send you an email to ask whether you are still interested in our services and wish to remain included in our active applicant database.  This email is sent automatically every year. In case of a positive reply, we will continue to use your data. In case of a negative reply, we will delete your active file (i.e. visible to our consultants) but still keep it passively (centrally) for the duration of certain statutory limitation periods. If you do not reply, we will keep your file active for another year and send you a new mail after that year. If you do not reply then either, we will consider this second lack of response as a negative reply, with the same consequences. 


Security measures? 

We make every effort to optimally protect your personal data against unlawful use. We do this based on physical, administrative and technological measures.

For example: only authorised persons have access to our offices and our systems, and access is limited to the systems they need for professional reasons. These persons must know our internal policy on privacy and data protection and apply it correctly. In so far that data are provided to third parties, we agree with these third parties that they will also protect the personal data as well as possible.

What are your rights?

We process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this privacy statement. As a data subject, you have a number of rights that you can exercise at any time.

In principle, you can exercise your rights free of charge. You can do this by using this form. Send this form to privacy@professionals.randstad.be

You can exercise the following rights: 

  • Right to erasure (right to be forgotten)
    In the cases specified by the GDPR, we will proceed to delete your application file. This means you will no longer be able to use our services either.
  • Right to object
    You can object to the processing of your personal data. You can only do this with regard to processing based on our legitimate interests or those of a third party (see above under B). When exercising this right, you will have to indicate on the form which processing you object to and for which specific reasons.  This is necessary to be able to correctly weigh up the interests.
  • Right of access
    If you want access to your personal data fill out the request form.  Specify on the request form which personal data you want to access. 

When providing this information, we must always take into account the rights and freedoms of other persons.

  • Right to rectification (correcting and completing)
    You can ask to correct or complete any (personal) data you consider incorrect or incomplete. When exercising this right, you will have to indicate on the form exactly which data you wish to correct or complete.

    Incorrect objective personal data (e.g. wrong spelling of your name, wrong address, etc.) will always be rectified as requested.   Subjective personal data that you consider incorrect (e.g. negative evaluation, unfavourable test results, etc.) will only be rectified if we agree with you. If not, we will not adjust these personal data, but we will note your possible additional statement about this.

  • Right to portability
    You have the right to have the personal data you provided to us transferred electronically to yourself (using the email address you specify in your request form) or to another data controller you appointed (using the email address you specify in your request form). 
  • Right to restriction of processing
    You have the right to have the processing of your personal data restricted if:
    • you contest the correctness of your personal data (for the duration of the verification).
    • the processing of your personal data is unlawful, but you do not wish to invoke your right to erasure.
    • we don't need your personal data for the purposes specified in this privacy statement (section C), but you still need them to institute, exercise or substantiate a legal claim.
    • you have objected to the processing of some of your personal data (for the duration to weigh up the interests).
  • Right to refusal or withdrawal of your consent for the use of your data for marketing purposes
    We will no longer process your data for marketing purposes. The withdrawal of your consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing of these data before the withdrawal or the lawfulness of the processing (of some of) the same data for other reasons as listed in section C of this privacy statement.

Further instructions on how to exercise your GDPR rights are available on the form.

When submitting your request, you must always enclose a copy of your identity card so that we can be sure of your identity. Your request will not be processed without this copy. At the latest within a month after receipt of your fully completed and correctly sent form, we will inform you in writing about the action we have taken relating to your request. Depending on the difficulty of your request or the number of requests we also receive from other persons, this period may be extended by two months. In this case, we will inform you of this extension within a month after receipt of your form. 

In some cases (e.g. legal obligations, rights of other persons, limitation periods, etc.) you will not be able to exercise your rights fully or at all. You will be informed of the reasons why we cannot or cannot fully meet your request.


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Questions, comments, complaints and data leaks

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the protection of your personal data by Randstad Search & Selection and Randstad Professionals, or about this privacy statement, please contact our Data Protection Officer via privacy@randstadgroup.be.  

You also have the right to lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (DPA), at the following address: Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels. 

If you know of a data leak, or you suspect a data leak, please always immediately report this by sending a message to information.security@randstadgroup.be.


We may make improvements, additions or amendments to this privacy statement for various reasons. The most current version is available on our website at all times.

This version was drawn up in June 2021.