The different companies of Randstad Group in Belgium are convinced of the fundamental importance of respecting the privacy of their workforce and candidates, as well as their other relationships and website visitors. Personal data are therefore handled and protected with the utmost care, in strict accordance with the requirements imposed by the legislation on the respect of privacy.

´╗┐approval numbers.

Randstad Belgium - staffing (Vlaanderen): VG.458/BUOSAP 
Randstad Belgium - staffing (Wallonië): W.INT.017/W.RS.017/W.RE.017 
Randstad Belgium - staffing(Brussel): 00256-406-20121120 
Randstad Belgium- staffing (Duitstalige Gemeenschap): A.94-A.153 (fusion) 
Randstad Construct - staffing (Vlaanderen): VG.819/BC 
Randstad Construct - staffing (Wallonie): W.INTC.001 / W.RSC.1 
Randstad Construct - staffing (Brussel): 00257-406-20121120 
Randstad Construct recruitment & selection (Brussel): 00257-405-20121120 
Randstad Belgium recruitment & selection (Brussel): 00256-405-20121120 
Randstad RiseSmart- outplacement (Wallonië): W.SO.332 
Randstad RiseSmart- outplacement (Brussel): 00249-405-20130328 
Company Number Randstad Belgium: BE 0402.725.291