are you the needle in the haystack?

Of course you are. There are numerous interesting (shortage) professions that are not being filled. Ones that might be just right for you. Do you have a desire to continue your education? Then there will be a specific job offer with training. And a high chance of lifelong job security. Welcome to Randstad Academy!

(don't) mind the gap!

Okay. The gap between your dream job and the offer may sometimes look very wide. Not enough experience? Not enough competence(s)? Wrong sector? No problem! This is quickly solved with a specific job offer that includes customised training. Welcome to Randstad Academy.

what is Randstad Academy?

1 out of 4 Belgian job openings does not get filled*. This is despite the fact that there are many job seekers who cannot find a job because they don't have the right competences. Randstad Academy wants to bridge this gap. How? You will be trained for a specific, secure job that truly suits you. And companies with open positions for shortage professions don't have to wait as long for the right candidate. So, it's a win-win.

you come first. we promise!

Personal. That's our approach. We really would like to get to know you. What are your talents? What motivates you? What do you expect? How eager are you to learn? We link your answers to the appropriate position in a shortage profession, including providing you with customised training. That way, you'll start your new job for life with 100% self-confidence and job security.