“What do you want to be when you grow up?”. You undoubtedly answered that question as a child. You probably dreamt of becoming an astronaut, professional football player, princess or superhero. In the following years your dream job probably changed based on experiences, training and your environment. Now that you are an adult, perhaps you are still looking for the role or job that truly makes you happy. Even if you started your career broadly, it's never too late to find your calling! Follow our simple steps and find your dream job.

know your passions and strengths

When do your passions come to the surface? Think about interests that light your fire. Do you get a lot of energy from working with people? Perhaps you feel satisfied when you find the perfect Excel formula that solves an error in a spreadsheet. Look for the connection between your passions and possible career opportunities.

Just like knowing your passions, it is important to identify your strengths. Just because you like looking at art doesn't mean that you should open a gallery. Your training, work and life experience have probably helped you develop a certain expertise or skills that set you apart from the rest. Know your strengths and find ways to use your skills to become successful in a field that you find interesting.

free up some time

Finding your dream job requires time and dedication. Try to free up an hour or two when you can reflect on your passions and skills and can look for your ultimate job. You'll want to know the average job description, skills and the average salary. Perhaps there are more opportunities in your desired field than you think! Be sure to find some quiet, undisturbed time to reflect and investigate. This will help you collect information and match your skills to your dream job.

Checking and perfecting your CV also require some time. You will want to add your latest experience and training courses. Add catchwords in the right places so that you CV gets noticed by your future employer. Be sure to update your LinkedIn and/or Facebook account. A uniform message comes across as strong and professional.

use your network

Do you have friends who love their job? Talk with them about their career path. Perhaps they have some useful tips and insights that can help you find your dream job. They might even be able to introduce you to someone who already has the career that you want. What is better when doing research than a first-hand report?

If you contact people in your network, don't forget to talk to a Randstad expert. As one of the biggest employment offices in the world, Randstad has the people, contacts and resources to help you take the next step in your career!