find the training

that suits you.

Is the thought of so many fun training courses giving you choice stress? GoodScan helps you see the forest for the trees again! Test yourself and find out what your chances for growth are and which training fits you like a glove.

choosing is not losing.

Would you like to browse the 80 GoodHabitz trainings? That’s possible but allow us to share a little time management tip: use the GoodScan as a more efficient way of deciding which training suits you! What can you expect from this test?

can you spare 10 minutes?

The GoodScan assesses your talents, interests and ambitions. What are your strengths, what do you like to learn and in what areas would you like to excel? Subsequently we use psychological models to link your answers to the 80 specific trainings.

you answered truthfully?

The result of your GoodScan is a personal profile and a top 10 of most compatible trainings. Are you an adventurer, a team player or more of a specialist? The top 10 takes account of your personality, your preferences and your ambitions.

Curious to find out who you are? And planning to take a training?