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is booming.

That’s no surprise because we are spending more time than ever behind our screen. With 80 free training courses by GoodHabitz it’s easy to pick those skills you wish to develop!

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which training courses can you take?

The possibilities are endless. Training your assertiveness, honing your Excel skills or practising your first aid skills... With GoodHabitz you’ve come to the right place. Both for classics and novel trainings such as ‘asking feedback’, ‘a gutsy approach to job hunting’ or ‘teamwork’.

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Among those 80 free trainings there’s bound to be at least one that interests you, whether it fits in with your profession or your interests, or just tickles your curiosity. You decide what, where and when to learn, and at what pace. Just use your my Randstad profile

a new way of learning

Selected your training? You can learn when it best suits you: in between work or study. On your computer at your desk, on your tablet in the sofa or on your smartphone on the go. Find your ideal learning spot to discover our modern learning methods (videos, quizzes).

why should you do this?

Training completed? Excellent! And you get a certificate. It looks good on your CV and it’s bound to impress your next employer. So is that the reason why you should do it? Not per se. A free training is enriching and it also brings growth opportunities.

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