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learning is a lifelong thing.

Whether you already have a job or you’re open to a new challenge... Lifelong learning always pays! This is how you develop forgotten and new talents. And your options? They grow accordingly. Want to take a minute to think about what you can learn? Discover GoodHabitz: a total of 80 online training programmes in 10 varied categories.

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Online learning is booming. That’s no surprise because we are spending more time than ever behind our screen. With 80 free training programmes by GoodHabitz it’s easy to pick those skills you wish to develop!

  • something for everyone
  • with certificate
  • easy to combine with work or studies
  • decide yourself what, where and when to learn
  • learn on your computer, tablet or mobile
  • learning made fun with videos, a quiz…

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Everyone must have the chance to learn. Regardless of whether you’re already working, still studying or job hunting. Because taking trainings not only helps you grow as a person. It also increases your options and your chances of success on the labour market.

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The thought of so many fun training programmes is giving you choice stress? GoodScan helps you see the forest for the trees! Test yourself and find out what your chances for growth are and which training fits you like a glove.

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Whether you’re a temp worker or student... You probably have some questions about GoodHabitz. Can you take an online training on your mobile? Do you have to complete the training in one go? Do you get a certificate? You’ll find the answers in our frequently asked questions.