there’s more in you

than you think.

we look beyond your cv.

At Randstad we listen to who you are and where you want to go. We like to work on an individual basis and move forward together. Our approach? Together we take a moment to determine how you can grow... through innovation, technology and our passion for people!

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learning is a lifelong thing.

The world is changing. And jobs are evolving along. It’s only logical that you want to grow as well! Whether you’re fresh out of school or have a whole career behind you: lifelong learning always pays. To broaden your knowledge, develop your talents... and so much more.

you move forward as well.

Take a moment to consider your current skill set and what else you can learn. Because that’s the only way to move forward! Whether or not you already have a job... On GoodHabitz your My Randstad profile gives you free access to some 80 online training programmes. From a course on ‘asking feedback’ to ‘a gutsy approach to job hunting’ to ‘teamwork’.

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learn a shortage profession.

Does a job as a truckdriver, fork lift driver,  warehouse operative or welder sound interesting? Or how about becoming a production or maintenance worker? Make an appointment with your consultant. Together we can determine if this is something for you and, who knows, you may even meet your future employer. Is the interest mutual? Then you can enrol in a targeted training programme shortly!

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