Internship software engineer - programmer at Johnson & Johnson (stage)

10-7-2019 beerse
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Caring for the world, one person at a time, inspires and unites the people of Johnson & Johnson. We embrace innovation, bringing ideas, products and services to life to advance the health and well-being of people around the world. We believe in collaboration which has led to breakthrough after breakthrough, from medical miracles that have changed lives, to the simple consumer products that make every day a little better. Our over 125,000 employees in 60 countries are united in a common mission: To help people everywhere live longer, healthier, happier lives.

The department of Global Safety Pharmacology provides global support in all phases of a life cycle of a drug. We deliver key data and advice in cardiovascular and CNS safety for decision making from early screening, First in Human candidates to post-marketing.

In the department of Global Safety Pharmacology, we currently have an internship position for a Master (software engineer; IT programmer) (m/f):

job description

Safety pharmacology is a discipline within drug discovery/development that helps select compounds based on their side effects (or better lack thereof). The field makes use of different models to determine these side effects. Currently there is a high interest to develop computer based (in silico) models for the prediction of side effects on the heart. The input for these in silico models is based on in vitro experiments, and the output should give information on the potential of drugs to induce rhythm disturbances of the heart. The regulators (in particular the US-FDA) have proposed the use of in silico models for so called "action potentials" based on the published O'Hara Rudy model. The source code for this model is made available, but the challenge for this project is to develop a user-friendly interface that facilitates the in vitro data input, generates a graphical output of the calculated in silico signal and generates a data output option that can be used as communication tool for clients.

We are looking for a student who develops a platform/user friendly software which enables us to perform in silico simulation of ventricular cardiomyocytes for predicting risk of TdP of discovery compounds with limited computer expertise. The available IC50 values of compounds of cardiac ion channels will be used as input. Individual markers generated by the in silico model like e.g. cardiac action potential durations, time to peak, occurrence of arrhythmic events should then be presented in graphs and table format for further processing into Janssen internal databases. This platform could be developed e.g. in Matlab or other suitable software.

your contribution

- The applicant delivers scripts/web-based application which enables us to perform in silico simulation of ventricular cardiomyocytes for predicting risk of TdP of discovery compounds.
- The applicant validates this mathematical modelling with known drugs.
- The applicant delivers individual markers of the in silico simulation in graphs and in other formats for further processing into Janssen internal databases e.g. Spotfire.

- The applicant has a background in web- based applications.
- The applicant is familiar with R, C codes, Matlab, etc..
- The applicant works independently and is also a team player.
- The applicant has an affinity to cell-physiology (Biology).

Practical details
- Location: Beerse
- Duration: 6 months
- Timeframe: February-March onwards

The candidate must be a registered student for the entire course of the internship. Unfortunately, graduates that are currently not enrolled in a study program are not eligible.
If you are interested in applying for this challenging internship, please send an e-mail to, including your resume and a short motivation.

specialist in software development (m/f)
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