Truck driver CE national transport

9-10-2018 willebroek
company profile

Our client is a big player in distribution. They are specialised in the distribution of food and retail products.

job description

You start every morning between 3h00 and 6h00. You pick up the truck in Willebroek or Olen and start your pick ups and deliveries, based on the planning and instruction that you receive.

At the end of the day you deliver the truck back to Distrilog and organise your own transport to your accommodation.

your contribution

- A lot of experience with driving and manoeuvring ;
- Excellent driving skills (you will need to manoeuvre constantly and need to be able to stay calm in these situations, you will be driving through city centres and manoeuvring with traffic around you, you will have to manoeuvre into loading docks which requires great skill);
- Great sense of responsibility ;
- Good knowledge of English;
- Strong communication skills. You need to be able to express your dismay if something happens that you think is wrong, otherwise things will escalate. Often the planners can be a bit short with drivers and you need to be able to express your issues and stand your ground;
- Upon arrival there will be a test to evaluate your driving and manoeuvring skills. If you don¿t succeed, you cannot start the job;
- Positive attitude;
- Flexible and motivated to work many hours. You will be sleeping in the truck (away from home, on the road) 2 to 3 nights per week;
- On some occasions there is no loading dock, then you will be required to work with a loading ramp and a forklift;
- We need references.

what do we offer?

€ 11,8550 gross/hour
+ € 1,3920 net/hour

You will work an average of 60 hours per week.

driver (m/f)
employment type
full time
contract type
temporary contract
Transport, logistiek en luchtvervoer
your Randstad contact +329 235 72 36
+329 235 72 36

office info
Kortrijksesteenweg 1127-1129