how to become

a logistics officer.

stimulating job.

Are you looking for a job in an international environment with job security and many job opportunities? Then be sure to follow our training to become a logistic officer.

The logistics sector has a lot of great administrative jobs on offer for people with totally different backgrounds.

After completing the course, you may find yourself in a challenging entry-level job such  as a junior forwarder, junior customs declarant, transport planner, logistics clerk, file manager, counter clerk, or manifest clerk. Everytime a job with a lot of variety and challenge!

10 course days.

Randstad's training as a logistics employee in collaboration with Portilog and VdP will quickly get you ready for a job - and who knows, an entire career - in the logistics sector.

The free training course is an average of 10 interactive teaching days in which you learn everything about sea, air & road transport, customs, warehousing, and so on.

high success rate.

No less than 95% of the candidates pass this course.

Would you like to change tack? Then ask for more information.

shortest path to job security.

Randstad's training in cooperation with Portilog and VdP is the perfect springboard to a job in the logistics sector!

And that's no exaggeration: 8 out of 10 trainees start immediately the week after the training. Because as soon as the training starts, Randstad will arrange job interviews for you at a number of interesting companies.

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work as a logistic clerk.

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