in which your talent can really come into its own.

contact center

As a call centre worker, you like people. Making their day turns you on. Because satisfied customers are what it’s all about for you.

Experience is not required. Being friendly is. And if you’re ambitious, there are plenty of career opportunities.



As one of our Construct team, you’ll also be building your career: we’ll give you a solid professional foundation with customised security training. There are plenty of career opportunities for motivated building professionals.

Wherever you work, safety will come first. It’s top priority on every site.



Are you after a job in the financial sector? We’ll help you find the business and position that balance with your profile.


high technics

The perfect matching technology at Randstad High Technics guarantees you a high-tech job that really suits you 100%. And that matches your education perfectly. In a top company where your specific technical talent will come into its own.



As a nurse, care worker, lab technician, medical secretary or supervisor, you have a heart for the people (and their records) in your care. You’re comfortable in your own skin and empathise easily with others.

Let Randstad refer you to the specialisation that’s right for you.



You’ll be working in admin, in a warehouse or behind the wheel. The stock and the shipments vary, but the goal is the same: fast and accurate deliveries.


sales & promotion

As a sales or promotional worker, you are the visible face of the company or brand you represent. And you play the role with enjoyment and conviction.

You live for your customers. You can empathise if that skirt doesn’t quite fit, or when the gentleman at the till finds he’s forgotten his wallet. And your sixth sense tells you instantly who’s going to be interested in that amazing special offer.