give your


permission for processing my personal details for job placement.

All personal details, cv’s, copies of diplomas, documents, test results, work experience, etc. I submit or have submitted to Randstad online via my Randstad, by e-mail, text message, verbally (by phone, at job fairs, in an office, etc.) or in any other way, may be compiled, processed and used by the various partnerships of Randstad (Randstad Belgium nv, Randstad Household Services nv, Randstad Construct nv) to guide me in my search for work.

This job placement service may include, among others: determining my profile and assessing my suitability as a candidate for certain jobs (as a temporary worker, domestic help, permanent or temporary employee of one of the customers of Randstad or of Randstad itself), processing the results of possible tests I have taken (online personality tests, language tests, assessments, etc.), offering (short) supportive training courses, sending on vacancies and job offers by phone, e-mail or text message and also actively introducing my cv to customers of Randstad.

Part of the data I have to provide (e.g. identity, education, work experience, etc.) is necessary to be able to use the services of Randstad. Additional information (e.g. references, personal preferences for certain jobs, application letters, complete cv, etc.) are not compulsory, but may be advisable to better align the services of Randstad to my wishes and qualities or to meet more specific questions or obligations of customers of Randstad where I may be selected for a job. If I choose to provide Randstad with my data, Randstad may use and share this data with customers.

I am personally responsible for the correctness and relevance of the data I provide to Randstad in my online profile on my Randstad. I also have every interest in passing on any changes in all other data to my consultant at a Randstad office or HR centre as soon as possible.
If I no longer want to be helped in my search for work by Randstad, I can withdraw my consent to use my details and ask to have my job placement dossier removed.

More information, also about the later processing of my details for other purposes (e.g. employment) or about my privacy rights, can be found in the Randstad privacy statement. This privacy statement can be found in my online profile on my Randstad, on the privacy page on the website or with my consultant in a Randstad office or HR centre.