shaping the world of work.

Every day we help thousands of people to a job. A job that makes them grow and makes them happy. And every day we support organizations. Support for better performing. That way, we create added value in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. That’s how we help shape the society of tomorrow. We call it ‘shaping the world of work’.

randstad as employer

our greatest asset: our people.

Randstad employs 30,000 people every week. This means: identifying the talents we have in our network. And proposing those talents to the right company. How do we succeed? We mix the hottest HR technology with our greatest asset: our people. This is our strength, this is ‘human forward’.


a healthy career.

We are convinced that learning and growing are vital for a healthy career. Therefore we propose our employees a very large scale of training possibilities – including opportunities to grow. Opportunities they have to seize. That’s the way they become real professionals.

randstad as employer


Randstad is full of ambitious employees who go the extra mile to make others successful. Together, we go straight to our goal, all heading in the same direction. With managers not standing above, but amongst their teams.



Many people’s lives revolve around their work, and work is what it’s all about at Randstad too.
Would you like the work people do to be your future? If so, one of our departments has a job for you. Outstanding employment conditions and possibilities of career progression are just two good reasons to join Randstad.

Working as a recruitment consultant at Randstad.
As a recruitment consultant at Randstad, you are committed to a long-term relationship with both clients and candidates. You are responsible for setting up and managing client and candidate portfolios. You will promote the interests of blue and white collars. 

Work at AUSY, a Randstad company. 
AUSY is part of the Randstad Group and offers services in 6 areas of expertise: Finance, IT, Human Resources, Life Sciences, Engineering and Sales & Marketing. We believe that attracting, coaching and deploying highly skilled experts is the key to co-creating successful business solutions for our clients.