looking for permanent work

as a domestic help?

Who doesn’t like walking into a clean house? If you enjoy cleaning and are good at it, Randstad service cheques can help you find a job to be proud of.

there’s no place like home.

Well, according to our domestic helps, working for Randstad Service Cheques feels a bit like coming home. You can work in your local area, with your own familiar customers if you wish. And you are surrounded by a warm, close-knit team that offers you (job) security, a job to be proud of and a general feel-good factor on every level.


what kind of work?

  • tidying and cleaning 
  • washing, ironing and small sewing and mending jobs 
  • preparing meals 
  • small shopping trips (on foot)


you’re more than welcome if

  • housework is totally your thing, 
  • you like helping people – in fact, you’re passionate about it, 
  • you look after your customers’ homes just as you do your own (or even better!) 
  • you have a positive outlook, 
  • you do your work carefully, hygienically and methodically.