Production Scientist Large Scale Purifications (1pm-10pm, Heverlee)

3-10-2018 heverlee

The core business is the production of short DNA strands called oligonucleotides, which can be used for various purposes like diagnostic tests for breast cancer or AIDS, research to discover new drugs and producing safer and more plentiful agricultural products. In the Purifications lab we perform the purification, desalting, concentration, quantification and QC sampling of oligonucleotides. Your main job will be to perform these tasks well keeping in mind the company procedures. More information on the exact job content you will find below.


Exact task are:
-Perform the purification, desalting, concentration, quantification and QC sampling of oligonucleotides.
-Perform NHS ester labeling, manual detritylation of oligonucleotides when required.
-Operate HPLC and other instruments in the lab that are needed to complete the tasks listed above.
-Assist in the processing and documentation of all orders and projects.
-Keep all the reagent bottles, pressurized gas cylinders and manifold liquid systems at levels to achieve successful operation.
-Change waste containers and dispose of waste material.
-Perform all necessary decontamination procedures.
-Appropriately document all aspects of production.
-Fill out all required checklists and perform verification for others when necessary.
-Follow all work instructions.
-Assist the shipping and customer service departments with specific oligo related questions.
-Report any problems to management.
-Receive additional training throughout company.
-Perform other duties as specified by management.
-Be aware of the policy on and contribute to quality and environmental management by adhering to the requirements of the ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 standards and internal procedures and work instructions.

jouw aanbod

Therefore we are looking for a candidate with:
-At least a Bachelors degree in a science related field.
-Excellent computer skills which includes knowledge of the Internet, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
-Able to be on feet a few hours at a time.
-The ability to adapt to changes in the process.
-The ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
-Able to multi-task.
-Able to interact in a professional manner with customers, employees and all levels of management.
-Able to work in a group or independently.
-Able to read, write and speak English fluently. Other languages are a bonus.

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