Senior KYC Analyst

12-10-2020 brussel

The Know Your Client Analyst focuses on updating and completing customer files, periodic reviews and event driven reviews for the client in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. It is increasingly important that the client really knows all its customers well and that all customer data is extensively and carefully documented. This is the only way the client can offer its customers a trusted experience and relevant and expert advice across all channels. In addition, regulators are setting increasingly higher requirements for clear and accessible documentation of data. Regulators ensure that banks conduct responsible banking and estimate possible risks at an early stage. Good, complete and reconstructable customer files are essential in this respect.

This client has opted for a central approach to file creation and processing, using smarter systems and clear work instructions. The collection of documents and the provision of advice takes place at a central level, with ultimate responsibility for the customer at all times with the relationship manager. There is close cooperation at a central level with various departments such as Compliance, Legal and other involved parties.

In addition to good processes and systems, the behavior and discipline of all those involved is of crucial importance to the success of the Know Your Client (KYC) process.

Laws and regulations for banks have become noticeably stricter in recent years. This requires banks to take action themselves, for example by having their customer files organized and, in certain cases, saying goodbye to the customer. In this way, a bank not only lowers the risks itself, but also sends a signal to their customers that they are a solid and reliable bank. Organizing customer files mainly revolves around having risk acceptance and inventory (integrity), advice (appropriateness) and products (transparency) organized properly. To have files organized means that we will not be faced with unexpected risks and is therefore consistent with a moderate risk profile.

The KYC Analyst carries out activities, taking the client as the starting point in his actions and contributing to the results of the focus area. Has an eye for the wishes and needs of the customer and takes action to increase customer satisfaction. Favors carefulness above speed in the provision of services to the customer. All co-workers are expected to contribute to maintaining / improving the KYC processes and tools

Job Description

  • Documentation and file creation

The Analyst KYC is responsible for the completeness of the (legal) client files by maintaining / monitoring / closing files and performing preparatory work for the revision of files. Assesses whether the KYC files and other required documents comply with the requirements in terms of content, ensures any adjustments and informs the internal or external parties involved about missing or incorrect documents. Consults about the way in which the files can be completed. Where necessary, the agent has customer contact to complete the file and possibly escalates via the team lead and / or (assistant) relationship manager. Is responsible for closing and archiving (legal) customer files. Administratively implements customer mutations in the banking systems as a result of established data issues or changing customer data.

  • Analysis

Based on the business activities and (legal and organizational) business structure, assesses which documentation is necessary in accordance with legal and internal regulations, both nationally and internationally. Carries out identification / verification of customer data / organizational structures / external documents / extracts from Chamber of Commerce (the Netherlands) or documents from BCO / KBO (Belgium) / declarations of ownership etc. and records these in the appropriate systems. Is fully responsible for its implementation and therefore 1st Line of Defense screening. Coordinates with customers and relevant parties within a bank regarding reviews. Identifies imperfections and communicates about this in writing or orally with the (assistant) relationship manager. Possibly has customer contact in writing or by telephone for completing files. Creates the (legal) customer file.

  • Advisory

Advises and assists clients and internal parties so that the bank has the correct documents. Gives advice (possibly after consultation with Compliance team) to the relationship manager regarding the risk classification of his / her customer. This advice may or may not be accepted by the relationship manager and possibly escalated. Escalations are handled by the team lead / approver of the team, where the KYC Analyst will be consulted if there are substantive differences of opinion about the file.

jouw aanbod

Systems and procedures:

  • Knowledge of all products / services in the own work area and the systems and procedures to be used for this

Knowledge specific to the work / focus area:

  • (Complex) legal business structures
  • (International) Compliance requirements
  • Procedures with regard to compliance
  • Event driven and periodic customer reviews

Specific communication skills:

  • Perfect oral en written knowledge of Dutch & English OR French & English
  • Telephone conversation skills
  • Communicate clearly and clearly in writing

wat bieden wij?

  • Contract for at least 6 months
  • Competitive salary with interesting extra-legal benefits

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