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At Randstad we’re happy to introduce you to 80 new online training programmes by GoodHabitz. From ‘A Gutsy Approach to Job Hunting’ to Office 2016. These training programmes let you develop your knowledge and skills for free and at your own pace. Curious to find out how much you can learn by tomorrow?

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goodhabitz, great idea!

Everyone must have the chance to learn. Regardless of whether you’re already working, still studying or job hunting. Because taking trainings not only helps you grow as a person. It also increases your options and your chances of success on the labour market.


  • something for everyone
  • with certificate
  • easy to combine with work or studies
  • decide yourself what, where and when to learn
  • learn on your computer, tablet or mobile
  • learning made fun with videos, a quiz, … 


which training courses can you take?

The possibilities are endless. Training your assertiveness, honing your Excel skills or practising your first aid skills... With GoodHabitz you’ve come to the right place. Both for classics and novel trainings such as ‘asking feedback’, ‘a gutsy approach to job hunting’ or ‘teamwork’.

choosing is not losing

Would you like to browse the 80 GoodHabitz trainings? That’s possible but allow us toshare a little time management tip: use the GoodScan as a more efficient way of deciding which training suits you!

By creating a GoodHabitz account, you agree to the terms and conditions of GoodHabitz.