Mifratel guarantees quality and flexibility. Randstad’s in-house solution is an essential component for achieving both these things.


Up until 2013, Mifratel worked together with about a dozen different temporary employment agencies in order to meet their growing staffing needs. To bring unity to their HR policy and make continued growth possible, Mifratel went in search of a  HR partner that could help them build a solid foundation. And so, in November 2013, we were asked to start up in-house offices in their two Belgian branches in Ghent and Moeskroen as of 2014.



 After discussions with Mifratel, we decided to work with a Master Vendor structure. In this case, Randstad took on the Master role from the in-house offices, and we were supported by two vendors. We created a procedure book from the very beginning in order to guarantee  the continuous service quality of both Randstad and the vendors. From within the on-site offices, our consultants coordinate the entire temporary employment process: recruitment and selection of temporary employees, plus communications on planning, administration, etc. Everything is done in consultation with various managers at Mifratel. Our consultants participate in team meetings so that they are completely up-to-date on the newest developments within the company. They also play an active supporting role in these meetings by providing advice and sharing best practices. This good partnership is a key to the success of this project.



Thanks to our in-house offices, Mifratel now has a single point of contact for all their temporary employment needs. This has saved a great deal of time in terms of communication, planning, and administration.